The Benefits of Using a Daily Task Manager

People in business are turning away from a pen and paper notebook and applying smart task management software, to do list apps, and project management tools to be productive and stay organized.

This is not an assumption; this is a fact that does not require statistical confirmation. Just knock on the next office or visit the nearest startup and you will see it yourself. It’s even possible to combine all of them: to-do lists, a task manager app and soft for project management.

Today a daily task manager app for a project manager is like a steering wheel for drivers, camera for photographers, drawing panel for designers, screw gun for carpenters, stopwatch for fitness trainers.

And if you are looking for the best daily task management software, you’ve got a lot of great options. How to choose the best of them?

Typically, daily task managers have a few more features than just a simple to-do list (but not as complex as project management software).

To be consistent and logical, it’s worth first to recognize all the benefit of any daily task manager and define its assignment. There are a lot of useful articles and posts about it. We find the post published on Hygger Medium channel as one of the most interesting and easy to understand. Here’re the extracts from the article:

A couple of words about task management

Task management is a set of activities when a manager/team leader tracks tasks throughout their lifecycle, sees their progress and makes decisions.

If we talk about professional and high-quality task management, you will definitely need to use software tools for effective organizing and managing all the challenges. Powerful features such as tasks creation, scheduling, planning, and assignment, tracking and reporting will be helpful.

What are the typical features that daily task managers include?

  • Task/ subtasks creating, task sharing
  • Tasks assignment and reassignment
  • Tasks sorting
  • Reports generation
  • Calendar
  • Tasks and features prioritization
  • Integration with other systems
  • Security control
  • Mobile capability, and more

Task manager apps

The main benefits of using a daily task manager:

  • keeps tasks in one place
  • saves time and efforts of the entire team
  • helps to stay on schedule and hit deadlines
  • assists in prioritizing work
  • helps to understand what is more important or require more time
  • improves team collaboration

Great daily task managers

You may use task management tools to track personal, group or shared tasks. Some of these tools provide a real-time view and access to all related content and discussions when managing a task assigned to a group.

Task management is an important process that allows managers and teams to monitor the time employees spend on a task, track the ongoing and completed tasks, and understand an employee’s workload. What is your best daily task manager?

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