Mental Cleaning: Easy Steps Available For Everyone

Spring months are the time when we typically think about cleaning out home and office, organize boxes, files and optimize everything around.

Perhaps, it’s also a wonderful time to finally clear out the cobwebs in your mind. The author of Pickthebrain blog claims that cleaning can provide almost a therapeutic stress adjustment. The post published on their blog confirms it. Here’re the brief extracts and quick tips from the article:

There are some essential things that everyone can do to ensure that they are taking real steps toward real mental cleaning:

Manage your time

When you constantly out of time, your mind is set on doing everything in a hurry. Your work lacks quality, and your relationships can also suffer. Set aside time for you to enjoy, but also try to maintain a schedule for job-related tasks or projects that you need to do around the house.

Put away old grievances

Be sure – every second that you spend on angry or jealous thoughts can subtract from moments that make memories or exciting accomplishments. Stop selling yourself short. Be the better person and make the first step to close the door on complicated situations with co-workers, friends and family. You’ll find that those few minutes at the start of an awkward conversation sure beats feeling that way each and every time the other person walks into a room.

Write down in a journal or a list

You can use the tried-and-true method of scribbling away on paper. But if you want to get up to technological speed, try special downloadable apps for your smartphone. You’ll quickly find that the more you explore your own everyday feelings, the easier you will understand more complex emotions when they arise.

Leave your comfort zone

It’s not about an extreme like skydiving or climbing a mountain. For example, if you’re a bit of an introvert, join a club that has real face-to-face meetings. If you wish you weren’t so against camping, try one of the “glam camps” that are popping up everywhere. They provide an opportunity to experience nature, without letting go of your favorite creature comforts.

Try meditation or yoga

This is a great way to clear the mind and jumpstart the brain. If you can sign up for a local class, that is ideal, because many offer a real sense of community, ensuring you don’t start trading in your Zen for an afternoon on the couch. However, if you can’t find a good studio close by or you have scheduling conflicts, never fear.


Communication may seem not so easy, considering how much time we spend on our smartphones, texting and chatting almost non-stop.

Talking to people around you could really clean out extra cobwebs. If we would just learn to really express our true emotions, then we would likely see a vast improvement in our relationships, our jobs and every other aspect of our lives. Keeping your emotions all bundled up means that we are subconsciously storing them away in that giant file cabinet in our minds. Free up that space, and learn to talk positively about your feelings, your dreams, your goals and even mental health topics with those around you.

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