How can Kanban Benefit Your Planning in 2019?

It’s not a secret that Kanban perfectly creates an accurate and easy to understand picture of your work. It helps to understand which tasks are on track, which are stuck and where bottlenecks are occurring.

Kanban limits the amount of work in process, so you work can flow smoothly. When a process becomes overloaded, everything slows down. You will always see stuck work on a Kanban board because it appears as a cluster of cards in one column.

What are the other reasons that make Kanban look profitable for planning in 2019?  We’ve found the answer by studying the article posted on Mindjet blog. Here are the extracts from this article:

Kanban helps to elevate task management

The need to limit work in progress helps to prevent bottlenecks. It also enables your mind to focus on a handful of tasks at a time and prevent information overload.

Another important thing is the concept of visually classifying your work using colors, icons, and abbreviations to convey the type of task, urgency and other qualities.

7 reasons to apply Kanban to your planning in 2019

  1. It’s easy to get started with a minimum of training. Kanban boards easily match your current work process.
  2. You can use Kanban boards on your own and expand their use to your team members when you become more comfortable with them.
  3. It’s easy to modify Kanban board as your workflow needs evolve.
  4. Kanban is an efficient way for your team to collaborate, especially if someone works remotely.
  5. It can help you to minimize task bottlenecks and keep work flowing more smoothly than ever before.
  6. It’s a painless way to begin implementing constant and incremental improvements to your department’s work.
  7. Kanban allows managing tasks more efficiently by working them through a standardized set of processes.

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