5 Fresh Facts about Agile Development in 2018

Probably every professional, even far from IT industry, at least once heard about such a working approach as Agile. Indeed, this is one of the most popular techniques in the world, so there are a huge number of specialists who follow the news related to this methodology.

Today we would like to present you the list of the newest statistic about the product development based on Agile, that is received from one informative article about the global role of Agile in the world.

There is our fresh & relevant data (in accordance with the projects made in 2018):

  • Fact 1:  more than 25% of the projects made with Agile are more profitable and successful than the projects based on the traditional model of the project development. In many respects, this merit, of course, lies in a systematic approach to project management, accurate calculation of efforts, resources and the tools used in the work.
  • Fact 2: more than 85% from more than 100 international software development companies prefer to use Agile methodology in their regular work – it is all because of its confidence and simplicity for everyone.
  • Fact 3: there is about 28% of the entire amount of product companies in the world that rely only on Agile methodology in their work. And this achievement is not accidental: looking at the previous fact, the choice in favor of Agile technique is fully justified by the desire for success, reliability and comfort in work.
  • Fact 4: the most popular Agile-friendly software is Jira. This information may be actual for all the developers who look for the best tool for their the most appropriate Agile project development or product planning work.
  • Fact 5: the average salary for the developer, who knows Agile development principles, is more than $90K a year (in the US). These figures encourage to learn this technology and to manage more projects in accordance with this methodology!

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