What are Must-Dos for Customer Service?

Product managers have to constantly look at how to improve customer support. Social media and review sites amplify the slightest hint of dissatisfaction expressed by customers.

Any negative feedback can quickly escalate into a storm of protest on any social media platform.

It is an important thing for B2C and B2B companies to continually look at how well they deliver service and support.

Freshdesk.com in their blog’s article describes the aspects of customer service with which successful and progressive businesses need to get up to speed. Here we highlight the most interesting points from the article:

  • Make sure your customer service knows they’re in customer service. Make sure that all the team are clear on their responsibilities and understand the importance of providing excellent service. All of the people that are engaged in looking after customers need to understand that providing great service isn’t an optional part of the job. It’s an intrinsic part of what they do. And it’s a pivotal part of your organizational culture.
  • Listen in on social media channels. The tools that power social listening let you monitor social media channels and platforms for any mentions of your company. These apps use machine learning, enabling social listening software to provide intelligence and alert you in real time of conversations about your business. The most powerful social listening applications are highly scalable, enabling you to listen in on thousands of web channels.
  • Be multichannel. Today’s world is multichannel, so your service desk and support must be the same. Phone, chat, and text are really popular with customers. This fits in with the expectation of lots of people that want their customer support as well as sales needs instantly satisfied. All technologies are really important in helping you manage and resolve service requests coming in through each channel.
  • Choose the best technology. Technology is absolutely center-stage if you want to get customer service and support right so that you deliver great brand experiences. Look at the benefits of a specific technology and understand any hidden value before making your choices. The right service desk software will let you take control of support activity and enable you to track, prioritize and assign each service incident or ticket. The best service desk software will let you handle the communication of an individual service incident across multiple channels.
  • Benchmark against the customer service sphere. Customer service is something that is almost universally practiced across the whole economy, so it is well worth looking beyond what your competitors are doing. Get a wider take on it and look at what the companies with the best reputations for customer service are doing.
  • Finally, be proactive and find out what customers think. A really good way of finding out what your customers think is to simply ask them. Think about surveying customers to find out what they really think and feel about your products and services and your company and brand. It could be an online survey, or a telephone survey, either in person or using an auto attendant.

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