What are the Best Tools for Team Collaboration?

Even the most effective collaboration tool is just a part of the global collaboration concept that any product manager should care of.

PMs are responsible for building a great team. Even after the successful release, when the whole team celebrates success within team buildings, they should think about better collaboration.

The article on Hygger blog shares the types of tools for product managers which definitely assist to create a strong collaboration. These tools have different purposes, some of them are paid, some are free. Here’s a brief list of the most interesting of them:

Communication tools

Example: Slack

It’s a real-time chat service for companies and different industries. Slack has been spread from Silicon Valley startups’ corporate traditions.

The service operates in channels and includes voice and video calling. It allows adding pictures, GIFs, emoji, share docs and arrange group chats.

All content in Slack is searchable from one search box. All conversations, links and files or even tweets.

Product management tools

Example: Hygger.io

The platform is good for any growing company and it can be used for collaboration goals by small and large teams. Using the platform, you’ll get friendly Kanban boards with WIP limits, Swimlanes, sub-columns, time tracking for programmers working according to the Kanban method.

Hygger also proposes a backlog board for collecting and structuring insights and ideas and the Backlog Priority Chart for visual ranking and selection of ideas, a smart roadmap, Burndown Chart, Velocity, time tracking for monitoring the development process and much more.

Remote communication tools

Example: Hangouts

Hangouts is used as the instant messaging for video conferencing and screen sharing. The tool helps to keep meetings and presentations organized without the need for a separate planner or scheduling tool. You can send invitations to any team member and manage them directly on their sidebar.

Software for working with documents

Example: OneNote

OneNote is helpful if you need to take and manage notes and share them with your team. The shared notebooks feature makes OneNote easy to disseminate entire collections of data with team members.

Time tracking tools

Example: Hubstaff

The tool is good for you if you want to successfully manage workflows and productivity of a remote team. Hubstaff is one of the smartest tools that make a product manager’s processes precise and transparent.

Using the service, you can set time or cost limits to your projects and set limits for every team member.

Did you find the proposed descriptions helpful? Or do you think that alternative tools may be better?

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