What Makes a Good Manager?

How to recognize a good manager? What qualities and skills are required for people who decided to manage projects, products, and other people?

It depends on different aspects for every single situation. Successful management requires the set of organizational, analytical and administrative skills.

Every manager has own set of functionalities and responsibilities.

  • Product managers manage the product strategy, features, and releases.
  • Project managers are responsible for delivery, resources, updates, budget issues, team collaboration, etc.
  • Human resources managers are responsible for attracting and motivating the qualified talents.
  • Customer success manager manages community development. And so on and so forth.

Hygger.io team identifies the core qualities and skills required to get the title “The best manager ever”. Here the most essential highlights from the company blog’s article:

  • Leadership. This essential quality means the ability to organize and lead to a team’s success and performance. A good leader always knows how to motivate their colleagues.
  • Team spirit. Playing as a team member is also a great quality of any manager. He/she should always be a part of the team to discover strengths and find ways to work on weaknesses altogether.
  • Orientation towards results. A strong competitive nature and ambitions drive managers towards obtaining the great results. The managers who are oriented to results always strive to surpass standards, want to be the best and break global records.
  • Assertiveness. An effective manager needs a certain level of assertiveness to get the job done. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to express their opinion when necessary that makes them able to influence others.
  • Delegation skills. It’s an important part of PM’s job to teach other people how to do a good job. A good manager should be able to effectively delegate especially those tasks that are more bureaucratic or less analytical.
  • Communication. Managers should let people know that if they have any concerns, you’re ready to listen to them. This open channel of communication will assist you and your team to solve problems quickly and fix urgent questions as soon as possible.
  • Team’s trust. Earning trust, managers will get the respect that is considered to be fundamental to leadership.
  • Transparency. Any decision may be challenging, especially during the big project updates and crucial changes within the company. That’s why good managers should always keep his/her team informed. Being transparent and honest with the team members instills trust and demonstrates leadership anyway.
  • Taking risks. Achieving goals doesn’t always come easy. Playing safely, of course, is be the easy way to get the job done but taking risks and experimenting should be encouraged.

Anyway. Being a good manager means demonstrating a good example for your employees by following the rules, evolving some necessary qualities and holding yourself to the highest standard in your work. what do you think about these qualities and skills?

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