3+ Most Common Lies Product Managers Believe

We all love the truth and we want to see it everywhere… Or not? For example, in product management there are lots of different fallacies that even product managers and other specialists believe. Well, it is time to tell about them!

Recently we found one interesting material about the lies that product managers may tell themselves and truly believe. As for us, it will be useful to meet you with these strange and absolutely wrong convictions in order to know this profession better.


Wrong №1: Product manager is like a CEO in the company

Well, it is one mistake that is typically common among green enthusiasts and non-experienced specialists. They are sure that their role is the most significant, and it may equal to the general manager of the company. In fact, it is a really important position, but this specialist has to make some reports for the company’s owner or some stakeholders. It is critical to feel the responsibility for the product and the entire company he works.


Wrong №2: All the project decisions are gone through a product manager

It is one more misconception about the real duties of a product manager. Such a manager is able to make some critical decisions, but he actually does not need to intervene in all matters and all decisions of any level. Firstly, it is almost to do because of the product manager’s typical tight schedule. Secondly, it is a bad tone for this specialist to show a fake absolute power.


Wrong №3: Product manager does not have to be good at sales or marketing

It is one of the biggest lies about this position. The truth is that every self-respecting product manager should know a lot of aspects of marketing project management. He is usually responsible for making a proper product promotion plan and preparing a quality business plan for sales managers. He should learn more about these spheres in order to be a good professional.

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