3 Things Prohibited for Product Managers

Product management involves the efforts of not only talented and strategic manages but the whole team.

Productcoalition.com defines 3 things that product managers or product owners should not do.

These acts seem prohibited as they can make the relations between PM/PO and team members worse.

  • Don’t try to build something that only you think is the right or ideal option
  • Don’t forget to give credits
  • Do not expect the team to blindly execute your ideas


  1. Don’t try to build something that only you think is the right thing

Product managers should collect the opinions about a product with people of many areas.

A good PM can gather this information as well as critics and use in favor of the product. However, if you can not handle it well, you will think that all this mass of information had originated from you. Then you’ll think that everything written in your User Story is a correct thing to do. And, at this point, you lose.

Do not lose your power because of your ego and don’t try to build something that only you think is the right.

  1. Don’t forget to give credits

Do not be sad that you are not the only one who responsible for the brilliant ideas. Listen to your team insights. Stakeholders, designers, sales and other specialists may also have great ideas.

The credits to these all good ideas need to be exposed and the idea owners need to receive these credits. Giving credits for good ideas will definitely encourage your team.

  1. Don’t wait that your team blindly execute your ideas

Product managers and product owners should not wait for the team execute their tasks without questions. The team needs to know every reason for that task.

This promotes complicity and makes the whole team united in a common goal.

In the environment where the team is well-informed, the motivations behind the story will be clear from before it is written and prioritized.

According to the author of the original article, these points are pretty obvious but people breaking their heads every day because of them.

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