5+ Interesting Logisms About Product Management

Certainly, it may seem that we have learned everything about product management, but it is not so. Some experienced and observant specialists continue to note some refreshing details during the work – let’s talk about it!

Today we would like to share with you our extract on this article made by one IT expert that has gone through fire and water in product management. He has a great deal to say, but we would like to make mention of just a couple of these professional logisms (or tips if desired).


There are the main and the most interesting conclusions, as follows:

Logism №1. Be confident and make your team members be proud of themselves. Self-confident companies, that are constantly working on the quality of their product, are considered to be dangerous for others (in a good sense).

Logism №2. It is unnecessary to hire a specialist to become a product manager. Despite such an employment need, sometimes it is better to pay attention to the company’s project managers who know all the inner workings of this work. Believe, they can be the great product management experts.

Logism №3. It is OK to make mistakes. Yes, it may seem a little bit strange, but it is absolutely for nothing always trying to avoid the mistakes and unreliable steps. Of course, this should not be considered as an advice to make mistakes everywhere, no. But even every experienced can be wrong in some cases, and you should be normal with this experience.

Logism №4. Do not stop the ideation process! Remember that there is always a man who has a really brilliant product idea in your team. Try to hold more meetings (brainstorms, stand-ups, talks at the end of the week) with your development team members and discuss all the key aspects of your current project.

Logism №5. Sometimes it is better to leave the project for the overall good. Well, it is a quite sensitive matter to decide, but in some rare cases, when you realize that a project is a losing battle, it is important to gather all your team members and stakeholders and pronounce this sad sentence. Or vice versa, if you feel that your project is successfully done and all the parties have received the desired, it is also needless to stay a little bit longer.

Logism №6. Do not say just ‘no’. It is a common advice for product managers to be able to say ‘no’ in many strange situations. However, it is not enough just to say ‘no’ – always try to give reasons for every your ‘no’ and explain your point of view. It is a good tone for a true professional.


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