How to Become a Product Management Champion?

In product-based companies, an executive champion should provide the vision, strategy, product goals and governance policies. This is rather important as product management extends horizontally as an integrative function.

A product management executive champion should be appointed to establish a powerful product management office (PMO).

This office is not a single person; it is a subset of people from the leadership team. However, the leader of this team should be a REAL Champion.

What does it mean to be a product management champion?

Sequentlearning defines 12 points that describe what should be done to improve a product management champion’s role:

  1. Establish the proper level of investment. It is vital to establishing a market.
  2. Set the basement of the vision, goals, and strategies.
  3. Create an investment management council for the review of business cases and other programs.
  4. Define the innovation or new product development process model.
  5. Determine other processes that impact the business of products.
  6. Clarify dimensions of the ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and key players.
  7. Explain parameters for reprioritization.
  8. Set forth the requirements for financial and non‐financial data collection and measurements for the product.
  9. Choose the key PM tools, documents, and templates.
  10. Guide the formation of cross‐functional product teams that are designated to manage product lines across their life cycles.
  11. Practice knowledge sharing, information exchange, and other supportive efforts.
  12. Create something like PM job family guidelines.

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