How to Build Millennial-Friendly Brands and Products?

Today marketers and product owners access to technology in their youth that their predecessors did not. That’s why they have adapted to a broader range of resources, and to more latest trends. 

Millennials are a diverse generation. However, they have enough characteristics in common to make some general statements about it. That’s why looking at their behaviors is an essential part of constructing products and brands specifically with them in mind.

Entrepreneur highlights that building a millennial-friendly brand requires a more intimate understanding of what motivates them. So product managers, brand managers and marketers should adopt the following strategies:

  1. Set and communicate impactful purposes

Today young talents want to work for companies that are not only customer-oriented but have socially oriented mission statements. Companies in business only for profit are unimaginative. According to a LinkedIn Pulse piece, there are four social impact pillars that this generation wants to see:

  • actively invest in improving society and solving social problems
  • prioritize their societal impacts
  • be transparent and public
  • include their customers in the social endeavors.
  1. Emphasize sharing

We often share pictures, stories, home videos, etc. thanks to advancing technologies and social media.

Brands and products are also addicted to this penchant for sharing. When millennials find a company they like, they tell everyone about it with just the touch of a button.

  1. Prioritize transparency

Everyone knows how hard it is to win consumer trust and to win it back.

Millennials are highly accustomed to an abundance of information because of smartphones and social media. That’s why they expect products to be open and honest. The more forthright you can be regarding your brand history, product development and overall consumer initiatives, the higher chance you’ll have of building up trust and, eventually, loyalty.

Do not hesitate to provide your clients or users with blog posts, live broadcasts, joint videos, pictures and stories, and so on. Show millennial customers exactly who you are and what you stand for as a company.

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