Key UX: 3+ Informative Tips for Product Managers

Why it is important for product managers to learn more about user experience (UX)? The answer of this question may look too obvious – because it is a project manager’s direct work. But we should to get things in order, let’s go!

We have found one content-rich article, written on a very popular product management portal, Product Focus. The text contains a lot of useful information about how UX impacts on the entire success of a certain product. Now we are glad to present our abridged version of all the tips – read and bite on that!

Tip №1: You do something for users – ask users about it!

There should not be the place for crystal-ball gazing: if your product is made to be loved by users, you should ask them about it. Surveys, testings, collecting of feedbacks – all this should become your satellites in the product management. Do not try to make an user-friendly interface of your product – be friendly yourself and take care about your potential users’ comfort and convenience.


Tip №2: Every person can make his own contribution

As you know, product management is all about the creationg of the product that would be loved and accepted by customers and users. So it is a good practice to allow all the team members to take part in the UX brainstorming sessions, including a product manager, of course. It is not difficult to imagine what a user needs – because you are already the user of your product.


Tip №3: Many functions do not mean many positive opinions

In other words, if you think in the sense of ‘the more is the better’, you are definitely wrong. The point is that you should create a product in accordance with user’s real needs. Certainly, it is not bad to add every most demand functions into your product, making it faster and stronger, but… The real users may not appreciate your efforts and find your product ‘too complicated’ or ‘with so much features they don’t need actually’. Think about it and strike a delicate balance in it.


Tip №3+: Do not forget about usability testing

We would strongly recommend you to have such an approach to work where you can always find the time for usability testing. Every new function, every new change in design – it should be tested and checked on any stage of the product development. As a product manager, you are responsible for the success of every feature in your product, so follow this rule!

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