Let Your Products Rock

The lifecycle of products is not always a right system or an irreproachable process. Even the most experienced product managers periodically have “burnouts” at work.

Any task and process in product management can quickly grow into the routine.

Here I’d like to highlight 7 powerful tips from Hygger article about how to turn product manager’s routine into rock-n-roll. Let’s follow them:

Try a new methodology

Sometimes you should take a chance and try something new. Discuss this with a project manager and the development team.

There are many methodologies that will suit all types of projects in different areas, and there are highly specialized ones. If you have been working with one of them for a long time, try to learn something new. Suddenly this is what was missing.

You can consider some of the most popular methodologies: Agile with its popular Scrum and Kanban, Traditional (Waterfall) methodology, PRINCE2 methodology,

Rapid Application Development (RAD) technique, etc.

Review priorities

Sometimes it is worthwhile to think about the used method of prioritization and, perhaps, to learn something new. Maybe something you highlight as the first-priority thing is not worth a penny.

There are different prioritizing ways and techniques that help to understand the importance of your tasks and objectives.

Revise meetings

Revise them from the concept to the frequency. Meetings importance is obvious, as group thinking gives more effect, participants complement each other and new ideas are born during the discussion. moreover, any meeting is an excellent tool for team building.

Think about the specific days and hours of meetings. Maybe it should be organized more often or vice versa. Get feedback from colleagues.

Try new tools

Smart product management tools and services are invented in order to make the work of product managers, developers, designers and other professionals easier and more interesting. Maybe it’s time to think about alternative options? Do you use traditional Jira or Trello? Learn more about great alternatives such as Hygger.io, Aha, Wazeline and so on and so forth.

Change timing

Time is one of the most important resources and you need to learn how to manage it correctly.

Having worked out the issues of prioritization, you will be able to understand what options can be used for solving certain tasks, to reduce or increase meetings, and so on.

Communicate informally

A good team building is a good reason to have fun in an informal atmosphere to identify possible causes of inhibition of work processes.

Perhaps your even the most boring task will get a new breath on the next Monday if on Friday you assemble colleagues on a small team building in a new bar.

After all, read books!

If all of the above mentioned does not help to enliven your workflow – you should find some experts ideas. A good book will be helpful. Here’re some of them:

  • “How to work for 4 hours a week and do not hang around in the office” from call to ring, live anywhere and grow rich” by Timothy Ferris
  • “Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time” by Rory Waden
  • “How to put things in order. The art of productivity without stress” by David Allen

How do you cope with the routine and optimize your work?

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