Why is Optimistic Realist Personality Important for Product Managers?

According to some studies, people with an optimistic realist personality are often more successful and happier. Why is it important to have a positive attitude?

The CEO of Aha in the Huffingtonpost article shares his experience of working with different kinds of product managers.

He describes two product leaders with meaningful skills but limited by their single-focus worldview.

The most successful PMs work with a healthy optimism and down-to-earth realism. They are able to look forward and behind. It happens, as they know how to combine the positive outlook of an optimist with the view of a realist.

Actually, an optimistic realist personality will help you to be a great product manager.

Here are some highlights from the article that prove it:

It helps to understand the power of planning

If the product faces some troubles, you do not waste time grumbling about what was done wrong. Instead, you identify clear ways to solve the problem.

It helps to be transparent

Trying to shelter the product team from a looming problem is not a good idea. You can be transparent about the issues at hand, while also being the encouraging force that gets your team back on track. Transparency leads to trust.

It helps to understand limitations

Optimistic realists know that they cannot do everything. However, they understand that the team can help them accomplish so much more. Be honest with them and remain positive.

It helps to recognize the time to reset

It’s about crises that are opportunities to reflect on the big picture. Always go back to your goals, and ask yourself the tough questions. Do not panic; reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses.

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