Simple Practices for Leading a Successful Weekly Meeting

Often we make decisions intuitively. It would seem that it’s very simple to hold a usual 15-minute daily meeting. However, some questions may appear.

However, when it comes to realization, we understand that not everything is simple.

The author of Rhythmsystems blog shared her vision of effective meetings and gave simple practical tips about how to improve them. Here’re the most interesting thoughts from the post:

Be dedicated

Every weekly meeting should happen on its designated day/time without fail. If a person is not able to attend, they should still prepare. A good facilitator holds the team accountable for being prepared.

Steer clear of tangents

The best facilitators do a great job of reeling discussion in and keeping the team focused. If the discussion takes a left turn, bring everyone back to the center. If a discussion only involves 2 people, ask them to take it offline. The goal is to keep everyone engaged.

Drive team accountability

Every week, the facilitator should review the actions list with the team as part of the meeting agenda. As actions come up during the weekly meeting, the facilitator should record those so they don’t slip through the cracks.

Share facilitator duties

Some of the most advanced teams rotate facilitator duties throughout the executive team. At the beginning of the quarter, the weeks are assigned. If someone isn’t able to cover their week, they have to find someone to switch.

This takes the responsibility of one person and gives everyone the experience of facilitating.

What meeting secrets can you share?

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