What Should We Know About Product Manager Certification?

Product Manager Certification is an official approval to do something professionally or legally. A Product Manager Certificate can advance your career and be a highly effective strategy.

The article posted by Productmanagement.buzz defines the benefits of certification and share some interesting ideas about where to get the PM certificate.

To make the long story short – the only place that offers a vendor-neutral credential in Product Management is the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. The Association administers the exams under very strict and rigorous conditions to ensure that earning their credentials will be a highly-valuable achievement.

What are the benefits of certification?

According to the article’s author, they are the following:

  • helps to build credibility and shows proficiency.
  • shows mastery of core concepts and skills
  • advances the career more rapidly
  • increases communication with the team
  • stands out from the crowd on your resume

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