Why is it Priceless to Care About Customer Feedback?

Customer satisfaction is one of the core goals for product managers. If you have it, then your business can be recognized as a successful one.

Knowing what your customers like and don’t like is extremely informative. Communication with your target audience helps you see your company objectively. This feedback also helps to learn market trends.

Where can I get customer feedback?

If you’re ready to collect customer feedback, it’s time to find where and how you can do it.

We’ve found top-5 places on Pragmaticmarketing. All these sources are the most effective ways to gather feedback. Here they are:

  • Survey – the classic form of research and it really works. Experts recommend keeping surveys at 10 questions or less – it will maximize attention.
  • Live chat. Ask feedback through any live-chat widgets. It’s not so difficult to realize.
  • Welcome emails. With their help, you may ask new customers for their opinions or hops. Your customers will feel appreciated for sure.
  • You may say that it’s out of date but having a real phone conversation with a customer can be priceless.
  • Create something like a suggestion board to encourage open-ended customer feedback.

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