3 Prioritization Secrets for SaaS Products

When you develop a SaaS product, it can be incredibly hard to recognize where to spend your time, money and resources.

The author of Productcoalition blog asks: “How to improve prioritization decisions when you’re building SaaS products?” Here some interesting thoughts from her post:

What features and improvements will actually satisfy your customers? How will you stop wasting time developing features that have no impact on the growth of the business?

These questions should be relevant ay time.

Here are top tips and 3 simple ways you can improve how you prioritize your product roadmap:

Tip 1: Get the right info in the 1st place

If you have all product feedback going into a central place, then you can ask the right questions up front. Instead of asking for feature requests, ask for the pain points. Focus on the “Why”, not on the “what”.

Leave it up to your product teams to figure out the appropriate solutions to those problems. Empower them to create the solutions that your customers need. And do not forget that the more data you have the better your decisions.

Tip 2. Product managers should not prioritize feature requests and feedback

If you need to prioritize your feedback, get your team and customers to do it for you.

By allowing them to set their own priorities, you’re ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date info. As their priorities change over time, so will your data.

Tip 3. Not all feedback is equal

Make sure you can segment the data when it comes to prioritizing it. Treating feature requests and product feedback as just one fat lump is not helping anyone.

You should rarely build the feature request with the most votes in your forum.

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