How to Automate Everything Before Holidays?

As a product manager, team lead or business owner you surely care about your business stuff even during the holidays. It doesn’t feel right to abandon it, even when you’re surrounded by prezzies, family, and fun.

However, it’s important to relax and you may have that stress-free holiday you’ve always dreamed of. All it takes is a little planning, preparation, and the art of business automation.

The article posted on Workflowmax blog shares 10 brilliant tips for automating your business on the eve of holidays. here they are:

Tip 1. Automate your email marketing

Effective email marketing is based on three principles – sending the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Tip 2. Social media posts scheduling

It’s not a problem to book all your social posts in advance. For most platforms you won’t even need a third party app – but they can be useful for streamlining your messaging across several channels.

Tip 3. A cloud-based helpdesk

Most helpdesk software lets you create a customer self-service portal for your business. This allows customers to easily find information and resolve issues themselves. Most helpdesk software also lets you set a holiday schedule for your business. This will give your customers visibility about when they can expect a response.

Tip 4. Invoicing automatization

It’s crucial to trust finances to reliable, cloud-based accounting software. For example, Xero that is perfect for remote working. It allows you to log in and check your finances from wherever you are. You can capture expenses, send invoices and reconcile your bank transactions.

Tip 5. Schedule blog posts

Never miss a chance to engage your audience. Blog posts are also easy to schedule in advance, the only challenge is writing enough of them.

Scheduled blog posts are a great way to keep your business brand at the forefront of users minds.

Tip 6. Capture leads

It’s about temporary website pop-ups that are one of the most effective methods of capturing contact information while you’re away. It’s a simple way to build a database of hot leads.

Tip 7. Care of mobile app

Your customers are traveling at this time of year too and they’re more likely to access your website from mobile phones or tablets. If your business website isn’t already mobile friendly make this a goal before the holidays.

Tip 8. Make your unavailability known

It may sound rather trivial but the best way to limit contact is to be very clear about your status over the holidays. If you’re not going to check emails create an auto-response.

Tip 9. Delegate

Despite all the wondrous technology at our fingertips, some things still need human oversight. Delegate some of your objectives if it’s possible.

Tip 10. Switch off

Your holiday is only for you. No matter how much you love your business, it’s important you take this opportunity to have some fun and recharge your energy levels. Do whatever you have to do to return to work feeling refreshed and brimming with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Have a great holiday!

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