How to Create an Amazing Creative Brief Template?

Any idea of a project manager should be documented to be clear for all people involved in the project. A creative brief is aimed to help here.

A creative brief is a communication tool that outlines the project’s goals, requirements, expectations, and required resources. Using the brief, PMs can be ensured that all stakeholders in a project are on the same page from the start.

How to write a creative brief correctly?

There is a short but rather insightful post on the blog of one of the project management tools Let’s dive into the main ideas of the article:

Creative briefs are often used for advertising and design agencies’ goals. It’s also a useful tool for large corporations, projects of any size and freelancers.

Creative teams face the challenges of doing great work under deadlines, using whatever resources. To make sense of all the incoming jobs, they use the creative brief. This effective tool is like a direct indicator of whether a project will be successful.

The creative brief is a document that is usually filled out after a face-to-face discussion with customers by managers.

In fact, any creative brief has the goal to inform a team about all the details of the work they’re being asked to do. That is why it should include at least three components:

  1. project scope
  2. context
  3. timeline

One more goal of any creative brief is to inspire the team.

The Components of the Successful Creative Brief

Detailed contacts

The creative brief template should contain contact details to specify who the client is. You should list phone numbers, email addresses and available messengers here.


The Overview part allows you to talk about the request from a high level. Describe a full picture for your team with answering the who, what, and where of the project. Try to provide enough context to give your team the opportunity to realize where this job fits in the big picture.


This space is for summarizing the goals of the job. Here you should know the exact answer to the questions:

  • What does your client want to achieve?
  • What action do you want the end user to take?
  • What do you want them to feel? etc.

Audience profile

This part is for the target audience’s description. Your creative team will definitely do a better job of tailoring their work to the audience’s needs and concerns if you create a complete picture of your audience.

Specifics section

There should be a special section for the execution specifics in the creative brief template where you can manifest your creativity. Here all the execution details about the deliverable should be mentioned as well as how you communicate your message. These notes may include tone, messages, visuals, and other details.

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