The Most Interesting Hack About Reading and Productivity

How to turn reading into a source of inspiration and make the process as productive as possible?

Hunterwalk blog seriously suggests: “Read one chapter of a book to get 90% of the value”. What should be done to get this?

The author of the post offers a reliable productivity hack if you have picked up the latest self-help, management theory or sociological interpretation of our times. The truth is – read only the second chapter of a book because it routinely contains 90% of the total value.

Then the author explains how it usually goes:

  1. Forward by an influencer. It is obvious – just skip it.
  2. Chapter 1. Author’s credentials. Here authors introduce themselves and make case for why they’re qualified. They try to persuade us that they discover a new idea.
  3. Chapter 2: The main idea is here!
  4. Chapters 3 and so on… Here you will only find the examples of THE IDEA in action and/or anecdotal stories to validate its universality.

And that’s it.

However, note, sometimes Chapter 2 can be Chapter 3, but you can usually figure this out by looking at the Table of Contents.

What do you think about this bold assertion?

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