How is Excel Used in Project Management?

All we know what Excel is and practically all people at least once try this application for many different purposes. But today we would like to concern Excel advantages and some specific features in the context of project management work.

Recently we came across with one article that contains many interesting facts about Excel, its positive and uncomfortable aspects and the relevant applications that are based on the main principles of Excel’s functions. Let’s explore the most important aspects of Excel!

As you know, Excel presents a multi-functional program that allows specialists to process with large amounts of information: thanks to sophisticated Excel spreadsheets, it becomes possible to enter the data, create the tables for the range of information and its proper classification.

Excel’s advantages include:

  • simple and understandable program design that is suitable for everyday’s operation
  • comfortable tasks management with Excel spreadsheets and data input analysis
  • calculation of the project costs
  • work planning, scheduling, the creation of graphs and diagrams for presentation

Excel’s uncomfortable features imply:

  • lack of the confidentiality of the documents during the work
  • few functions for complex project management (high-level features)
  • inability to work on one document by several specialists

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