7 Product Conferences in June Worth to Attend

What was the last product management conference you attended? If it is difficult to remember, then it is a high time to open your daily schedule and plan a visit to one of the interesting conferences in June.

Here we share 7 PM conferences in Europe, Australia and the USA that will be useful to product managers.

Agile Dev West (Las Vegas, NV, June 3-8) where you will discover the latest in popular Agile methods, technologies, tools, and leadership principles.

Product Camp Poland (Gdynia, Poland, June 7-9). The organizers promise inspiring practical workshops, the conference, and barcamp with international speakers.

UX Scotland (Edinburgh, UK, June 13-15). The great event for the UX, service design and digital communities. The conference will allow participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry.

Enterprise UX   (San Francisco, CA, June 13-18). The conference is dedicated to delivering useful and delightful experiences to people who work for and in enterprises.

SAASTR Europe (Paris, France, June 15). The one-day event taking place in the heart of Paris. The organizers have announced a full day of practical sessions, interesting speakers and sponsors, networking and some evening activities.

Agile Australia 2018 (Melbourne, Australia, June 18-19). It will be the tenth annual conference with unique workshops and other activities focused on Agile practices.

LA Product Conference 2018 (Paris, France, June 21) The conference dedicated to product management with the ambition to unite the product community. It will bring together all digital product professionals: CEOs, CPOs, Product VPs, Product Designers, Product Managers and Product Owners. This flagship event is an important step in promoting a product culture in French companies.

Find out more interesting and useful conferences in 2018 in the full list of events compiled by Product Talk.

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