6 Cheesy Steps to Write a Powerful Business Proposal

There are projects you want to win, get funded, or get approval for. For these aims, you need to prepare an effective proposal.

This proposal will be also required if you need to:

  • Upgrade technologies or replace with new solutions
  • Implement new products, services, programs or projects
  • Involve additional staff
  • Get new customers

I’ve found the clear list with 6 steps for creating a winning business proposal in Hutwork article posted on their blog. Here’re the main ideas:

  • Start with a compelling title. You can pitch your idea with a title that clearly communicates the value of your project. Your audience should be able to easily understand the idea you’re conveying.
  • Create a brief summary. Highlight the main idea and draft bullet points to lay out the ideas of your proposal and the problem it will solve.
  • Write a story. Your brief narrative will describe the current situation and the problem or challenge faced, and how your recommendations will solve the problem.
  • Offer proofs. The results you propose should impact the company in some way, and you want to quantify this as much as possible. State clearly each impact and explain whether it’s quantitative or qualitative.
  • List requirements. It’s about what you need to complete the project. For an internal project, it can be additional headcount, software or hardware.
  • Explain why you’re the only one for the job. Your goal is to sell yourself as much as you need to sell your proposal. Make sure your target audience understands that you’re the right person for the job.

A powerful professional proposal goes a long way toward instilling confidence in your abilities. Make sure your proposal is clear, to the point, and grammatically correct and error free.

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