Easy Exercises For Product Teams to Be More Creative

Every product has differences. Every business is rather unique. A creative crisis may catch any product team. How to avoid it?

You may try simple and obvious things like putting the Search bar on the bottom-left corner on your site. But surprisingly it will not make a website more ingenious, only more confusing.

How to be more creative? Useful tips gathered on Uxstudioteam.com allow thinking that real innovation takes more than just playing with the surface and that it’s important to find other ways to use imagination.

Tips to boost the creative process

Widen perspectives

The more you know about your audience, the more creative solutions you can apply. Try to understand the user’s problems. This will give a much wider perspective for creative thinking and generating ideas.

Study best practices

Find them in unexpected places, not only from direct competitors. Sometimes we find the most interesting ideas applied in the least expected places.

Diverge on ideas

Force yourself to come up with loads of possible ideas, at least at the beginning. Then narrow down the possibilities to one, hopefully, the best and focus on it.

Resourceful people possess three skills essential to coming up with something new:

  • ability to generate many ideas quickly
  • flexibility to come up with ideas that differ from each other
  • originality, which shows the ideas’ rarity

Reframe the problem

Looking at the specific problem from another perspective often. Reframing can prove strikingly helpful in problem-solving, decision making and learning.

Take a step back and see the problem in another way. It helps not only generate more ideas but also supports the above-mentioned flexibility and originality as well.

Do not be alone

You can’t do a design sprint on every challenge, but you can always ask a colleague’s opinion. You will be surprised how many completely new ideas may come from talking to developers.

After all, creativity is a mindset, not a technique.

The question about creativity has always proven rather elusive. It doesn’t come easy,  especially in the product design field.

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