Make Your Product Meetings Great Again

Many people think that any kind of meeting is the least productive part of the day. However, meeting culture is quite popular in large corporations and small startups. Sometimes meetings lead to great success, sometimes cripple productivity and crush psyches. What do you think about traditional meetings?

Ken Norton in his article suggests to break free from the boring atmosphere of a conference room and follow the next steps to make your meetings the most attended and willing events ever.

Here some tips on how to improve product meetings and make life better.

Avoid traditional status meetings

It depends on many factors, but for some companies a daily status meeting may become a real waste of time and harken to a bygone era where managers used them to make sure people were doing work.

You may easily replace them with real-time messaging apps or even email lists.

Hold one-on-one meetings

Often managers are too busy with meetings, they consistently cancel or reschedule one-on-ones with their direct reports.

One-on-one meeting should be the most important on your calendar. Sticking with a schedule and being present shows your team members that they’re important and respected.

A single meeting – a single owner

A person who arranges the meeting is responsible for sharing the purpose and the agenda, identifying decision-makers and sending notes.

Keep meetings small

It ‘s ideal when your meeting involves 5-6 people. Actually, effectiveness drops when more than 7 participants are in the room.

If it seems impossible to hold the meeting with a smaller group, rethink your goals.

Treat other people’s calendars as a scarce resource

Pay attention on how much time you’re taking from your team. Borrowing somebody’s time is not a good idea.

Schedule meetings no longer than 60 minutes. End on time and leave promptly so the next group doesn’t have to wait for the room.

End the meeting if it is over

If you have accomplished the meeting goals early – it’s well done! End the meeting and give team members their time back.

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