10 Fantastically Useful Web Resources for Product Managers

Product management is not a static thing – this field has its special growth and offers specialists more new trends, professional tools and expert advice. Where can a product manager know about it? Of course, on different websites and blogs.

Today we would like to give you top 10 of the most interesting web sources and professional blogs that we have found in one Medium article. Read about them and use them all in your practice!


1. Mind the Product

This source is considered to be a father of all the most important websites dedicated to product management. There you can find an ever-growing number of informative article and materials, know about the coming thematic events, professional conferences and also the job vacancies in product management industry. It is definitely worth reading and subscribing!


2. Silicon Valley Product Group

This is a kind 0f a professional blog made by one popular American coach M. Cagan. Here you can read many specific tips and lifehacks that are the result of a rich working experience of the blog author and his team. Also, there are many useful links about professional literature and work sources.


3. Product Club

It is a very warm and cozy community of the professionals that are glad to share their working experience in product management by means of different articles, essays, marketing analyses, trends reviews and many others. It is a good source for pushing the envelope in the context of personal professional improvement.


4. Product Coalition

Let’s meet with one of the largest product managers communities in the world – the current number of its members is a quarter of a million! There are lots of interesting materials and posts about professional development, tips and recommendations from experienced experts, and also you can see the videos of this community!


5. InVision

This blog is mostly dedicated to the development of the design products and unites those enthusiasts who put their souls into their work and want the product management to be consistent. The source offers many useful materials, articles and videos about the design industry – it is worth visiting and following by all product managers working at the related fields.


6. Inside Intercom

It is one of the most popular resources in the media landscape: Intercom blog focuses on all the aspects of product management and all the related processes. There you can find a plenty of articles divided into different headings (product & design, marketing, sales, engineering, etc.) that help you improve your professional skills.


7. Product Talk

This website is one more cozy place for product managers where they can find many attractive things for themselves. The page ‘Learn’ contains classical articles, professional courses, materials with training and interviews from product management gurus and many so-called workshops for specialists.


8. How to Be a Good Product Manager

It is an author blog created by one expert, Jeff Lash, where there are many really helpful advice and tips that were tested and confirmed in practice. Sometimes it is unnecessary to achieve the best results from scratch – the gradual improvement of the professional skills and knowledge is more appreciated!


9. Hunter Walk

This is one more author’s resource from a very experienced product management expert who knows what the consumers need and what they really love to see. There you can receive many useful tips from his articles and learn many new facts about the industry of product management.


10. Startup Lessons Learned

The name of this resource says it all – there is everything that startup product managers should know! Informative articles, professional literature reviews, expert advice and the forecasts about the product management trends in 2019 – you can read and study it all. Startup business companies need a little bit more than others, so this blog would be definitely helpful.

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