Key Reasons Why You Are Not Using a To-do List

Improving time management is closely related to managing daily to-do lists. A to-do list is one of the essential time management tools you need in your toolkit.

If you are thinking about time and productivity, you need to have your to-do list at hand and be actively working it.

It should be remembering your tasks so that you don’t have to. However, it cannot do that if you aren’t actively using it.

The author of the article on defines two reasons categories why people don’t use their to-do lists:

  • Lack of good time management habits
  • Mismatch of to-do list format

If we detail these categories, we can see 7 detailed reasons you may not use your to-do list:

You don’t have a to-do list

Some people say that they do not need one. They tell themselves that they will remember what they need to do. However, a to-do list is the simplest productivity tool you can have to keep yourself on track.

You have too many lists

Some people keep lists everywhere: at work, at home, on their phone, on a desk pad, etc. Too many lists result in lost tasks and forgotten lists.

It is not with you at all times

Your to-do list needs to be with you at all times – it’s one of the first time management lessons. You can’t refer to it, or add a task to it, if it isn’t ready-at-hand.

Too complex to-do lists

The lists should be easy to use. Use a pen and paper or an appropriate app. Make sure it doesn’t take dozens of steps to add a task to your list.

It doesn’t suit your aims

Choose tools you’ll exactly use. Do not use an app if you aren’t tech savvy. Don’t use a day planner if you aren’t going to carry it around.


You to-do needs to be visible. Apps can be tough because you don’t see them except when you look at your phone. Paper and pen can be in front of you at all times.

Not a habit

Actually, your to-do list needs to be part of your routine. And reaching for it should be a basic time management habit that you develop. As you get used to it, it should be second nature to work your to-do list.

If you use your list, you will find that you will be more productive in all areas of your day.

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