7 Types of Product Managers: What Type Do You Belong To?

Some years ago, people hardly understood the difference between a product manager and a project manager. Today, the role of a product manager is more accessible and understandable to everyone.

However, many companies do not know exactly what kind of PM they need. Some of you will be surprised, but there different types of product managers.

What types do you know?

Hutwork.com shared own vision and defined seven types of product managers:

  • Growth hackers. These product managers appreciate all metrics that measure a product’s, company’s and team’s growth. They are good at optimizing conversion and onboarding end users.
  • Collaborators. They love building communities and understand the science behind users connecting and sharing with others.
  • Techies. Technology is the most important thing, according to them. They easily work with developers and QA.
  • MBAs. These product managers are business-oriented, they use jargon from business, operations and financial spheres. They are great thinkers and can sort out problems easily.
  • Data gurus. These managers can understand and translate users’ problems that artificial intelligence and machine learning can solve. They are highly analytical.
  • Designers. They can easily emphasize with the users. They are able to create products that users really need because they are hyper-focused on design issues.
  • Mobiles. They are experts in unique mobile use cases, mobile user experience, and design. They think that mobile is the future of technology.

What do you think about such classification? What type do you belong to?

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