How to distill an original JIRA list into a Scrum product backlog?

JIRA is an excellent tool that is used by thousands of managers all over the world. This is the fact that does not require proof, although the market every day discovers new interesting alternative platforms for product management.

JIRA has many advantages and useful features, including the option that allows creating lists of all the stuff needed to be written down. However, people new to Scrum incorrectly confuse these lists of stuff to do with a real Scrum product backlog.

One of the most interesting and simple sources, that describes this difference and shows what really should be in a Scrum backlog is the article by

Is it possible to distill an original JIRA list into a Scrum product backlog?

Aiming to distill a JIRA list into a Scrum product backlog, the authors described a real-life example and tried to filter the 508 JIRA issues.

They printed them out on papers, four per page, and cut them up. Those gave them physical objects they could manipulate as they grouped and filtered.

The team had an expert guided them and applied a special technique to quickly bucket all the items. The expert selected an issue, considered it out loud and placed it in a category, demonstrating his reasoning to the group. The result was achieved in 2 hours and the entire JIRA list was sorted, leaving the team with just 23 product backlog items.

How was it achieved and what was was next? These details can be found in the original article, shared by the authors.

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