5 New Online Courses for Product Managers

Education background plays one of the main roles in a product manager’s career path. Different training courses, webinars, conferences assist young talents to get new knowledge, original insights, and non-trivial cases to improve own PM skills.

Craft.io team collected a set of relevant well-rounded courses that will be helpful for product managers. Here’s a short summary.

Certified Product Manager, the online course and exam by 280Group

The course will teach how to manage products through every phase of the product lifecycle to make them more successful. It includes 18 learning modules, quizzes, interactive exercises, study materials and a comprehensive practice exam.

Digital Product Management by Boston University

The course will help to learn essential tools and techniques to manage the development, launch, and growth of digital products and advance the career of a product manager.

Unleashing Creative Innovation and Building Great Products by Stanford University

The courses with exploring neuroscience, designing and systems thinking, and mindfulness in product development as they relate to the innovation process and the creation of extraordinary brand experiences.

Certifications in Scrum by Scrum Alliance

The progressive course model offers a staged, two-year journey that allows participants to choose an educational track that improves core Scrum knowledge, builds skill sets, and provides the necessary tools to evolve as an Agile practitioner, from Scrum foundations to advanced practice.

How to Build Habit-Forming Technology course by Nir Eyal

The author – product guru Nir Eyal knows everything about product management. The course includes 7 lectures and video content. You will learn how to design products and services that users love and uncover the secrets of companies able to keep users coming back.

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