Latest Product Management Trends in Healthcare Service

As product management can be applied to any company and any industry, there are specific PM approaches, agendas, and painful points in each. Here’s about PM in healthcare service.

Product managers who work with the products for healthcare service and organizations face unique and specific challenges.

At the very beginning of the year, SiriusDecisions described the most demanded trends in product management for 2018. The set of trends focuses on solutions and process compliance, understanding the various types of users, and paying more attention to value-based pricing. Here are some details from the article:

4 trends taking on increased importance for healthcare-focused product management

Increasing focus on solutions

Many companies in the healthcare industry try to move beyond simply offering standalone. They realize that they need to meet a wider range of needs in the face of increasing competition.

This forced product teams to deal with the challenges of integrating acquired products into increasingly complex solutions.

Compliance with a defined product lifecycle process

Ensuring new products meet the unique regulations and requirements requires that companies should follow a defined process to ensure all necessary security, privacy and compliance standards.

The trend is about applying special templates as needed to facilitate inclusion of the relevant regulatory and compliance requirements

The better understanding of users (various types of users)

Most decision-making processes in healthcare include involvement and feedback at some level from people who use the products.

Product managers should develop a deep understanding of user needs and recognize the different needs of various types of users in the healthcare value chain. It may require regularly conducting research, including interviews for identifying needs and requirements.

Focus on value-based pricing

New approaches to pricing products and solutions are priorities for product managers in many industries, including healthcare. The trend has driven a renewed focus on how these new packaging approaches impact pricing. Product managers need to ensure their teams are following the best-practice approaches for pricing and packaging.

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