How Sprint Backlog Differs From Product Backlog

Often the difference between sprint backlog and product backlog concepts is not clear and unavailable to all.

Here’s a rather comprehensible look at these product management artifacts composed by pm.stackexchange:

How to differ sprint backlog and avoid messing up product backlog?

  • The product backlog is owned and prioritized by the product owner on behalf of the stakeholders.
  • The sprint backlog is the property of the team that is the sole arbiter of its content.

The sprint backlog contains user stories popped off the top of the product backlog during sprint planning. However, the sprint backlog usually contains many things, not on the product backlog. For example:

  • Decomposed tasks from the user stories accepted by the team for the current iteration
  • Story points or time estimates for individual tasks
  • Refinements of the “definition of done” as it relates to a specific story or task
  • Refinements to stories that don’t compromise the sprint goal or require to call for an early termination of the sprint.
  • In-sprint stories or tasks added by the Team to support the current Sprint goal

Sprint backlog items should be decompositions of product backlog items that combine stories in the current sprint.

You may find more detailed information in the article but summing it up, let’s remind the following:

  • A product backlog is a list of all desired product features (whether you plan to implement them or not).
  • A Sprint backlog is a to-do list of backlog items to be completed in the current iteration.

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