Good Tips on How to Find the Best Product Manager

All we know about such a specialist as product manager, but it is quite hard to imagine the process of his employment. What does actually help the employer to make a final hiring decision about a particular person?

We are big fans of one interesting blog of Ken Norton, who wrote very attractive article about the description of the searching and hiring process of a product manager in a company. Now we are pleased to present you the exact of this article and write to you the best tips on this issue!


Tip 1: an ideal product manager should be smart beyond his eyes

Yes, it seems to be obvious but it is critical to feel the intellect of the applicant. And it is not invisible: fluency and clarity of speech, the ability to articulate thoughts and the ability to stay calmly and comfortably in the society are one of the most basic and primary indicators of who and what a person is. Of course, his education and work experience are important too, but still: a product manager is the person that will introduce your company and everything connected with it. So we recommend to look for someone who is well-prepared and able to create an impeccable impression.


Tip 2: an ideal product manager has enough technical knowledge

Like it or not, such a specialist usually works closely with development team,s and he needs to know and understand absolutely everything related to the product, its functionality and areas of application. It is true that everyone can learn everything in the process, but not many companies are ready to teach everything from scratch. A good product manager needs to have a certain amount of knowledge to conduct business in an effective way.


Tip 3: an ideal product manager is a leader

In accordance with the work’s specifics, the person who wants to be a product manager should have strong leadership skills. This position is not for whimps and coddles: there are lots of stressful moments when it is necessary to stay calm, adamant and following own way. Product manager is a person who is responsible for the product future and he has to be the leader and make up the right way of its developing and promotion.


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