3+ Specific Types of Work Teams

All we know about how the work team is important for the product successful future. However it is quite difficult to determine what kinds of work teams exist and how it is necessary to differentiate them from each other. Let’s meet with three and little more types of them!

Recently we came across with one informative article where we found a clear description of relevant and demand types of work teams. It was interesting to learn many new things and about the type of team which we work, so we are glad to present you the most useful things from this article.

Type 1: Personally-managed team

This type of work teams has a bright distinctive feature – such a team does not have its certain manager, because every worker is his own boss. And if you think it sounds weird, you are wrong: actually it is a good practice to make up the teams consisted of self-reliant professionals who are responsible for a proper execution of their work. For example, such teams can be often found in IT industry companies and also in many other spheres.


Type 2: Virtual team

Despite its exotic name, such kind of teams is considered to be a work team that contains from the members who works from different places, in different company branches or just remotely. The main thing of such team is its necessity in a constant online communication (via messengers, video conferencing applications or emails) in order to execute all the tasks in a appropriate manner. Usually virtual teams manage to work successfully and have not any big problems.


Types 3 and 3+: Operational & Problem-solving teams

We decided to combine these two types of teams because they have a couple of similar features. First of all, both these teams are intermediate: operational team usually helps other teams to have a smooth and proper cooperation with each other, i.e. it protects from a lack of communication; problem-solving team is usually collected for a certain period in order to help other team solve their issues and avoid other more complex problems. Moreover, both types of such teams tend to be technically oriented and can be virtual teams at the same time. Anyway, they are also important for the entire workflow.

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