Product Release Time: How to Make it Successful?

A new product launch is always an exciting and awaited process. There is no chance for mistakes and missteps here. This is a kind of tribute and a decisive moment for a product manager and the whole team.

You’ve created a great product so it’s a high time to announce it to the world. What should be done to make the launch successful?

The director of marketing at Appcues in his article suggests paying attention to the following tactics that will help you to prepare a plan of how to ensure your release is a resounding success.

Tactics # 1. Invite beta users

Choose a group of customers to a limited beta of your product. It will assist you to get real-life feedback in a more focused way and make your product better.

You will be able to make more intimate connections with your customers.

Tactics # 2. Post pre-launch supporting content

Here your blog should be helpful to prepare customers and prospects for an upcoming product. It is quite a simple way to educate and to build excitement for an upcoming release.

When you provide customers with strategic blog content, you make them think about the problem your new product is going to solve.

You will be able to get people invested in particular issues without directly mentioning your product.

Tactics # 3. Join Product Hunt

Announce your product on Product Hunt. It is the savvy marketer’s and product person’s place for product announcements.

Mentioning your product there is a good way to connect with a motivated and highly engaged audience.

It will help you amplify your product launch and increase awareness.

Tactics #4. Try email campaigns and in-app messaging

Contextual communication is one more great way to talk to customers about an upcoming product launch.

Emails and in-app dialogue boxes are the most reliable way to let customers know about the updates.

Tactics #5. Do not forget about internal launch processes

It is also important to set up internal KPIs to track how the new release performs. A systematic approach to tracking the success will help to easily repeat your wins and learn from your mistakes.

Make sure that everyone in the team involved and up to date on how the process is moving along. The better you communicate with the team, the easier it will be to communicate the value of the product to your customers.

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