Is Strategic Thinking a Must-Have Skill for Product Managers?

Some people think that a strategy is the hardest part of product management. Strategic thinking is really hard but not impossible.

The article posted on Aha blog shared some interesting statistics that more than 95% of leaders at work say they lack time for strategic thinking because they are too busy.

Here are some highlights from the article on how to build and evolve this necessary skill:

  1. Write down your vision

Write down everything you want to accomplish in the long run. You will solidify your own view of the product.

  1. Spot patterns

Everything starts with listening to customers and talking to them directly. If you hear the same concepts dozen times, take notes. It’s a good idea to create a visual report and identify patterns that will help you gain the insights.

  1. See the peripherals

Push yourself to see peripherals. Are there areas of the business that are not connected but should be? The best way to answer this question is to regularly meet with cross-functional team members.

You will understand how all areas of the business are working to serve customers.

  1. Challenge your thinking

Be sure the vision you set is on target. Strategic thinking requires you to question everything — both your own thinking and that of others.

Be firm in your beliefs but not blind to those of others.

  1. Make it a habit

Schedule time on your calendar each week to have space to really think. This does not mean sitting alone and pondering business questions. Consider it as a working session, set specific goals for what you want to accomplish.

Creating a well-aligned strategy requires discipline, clarity, and the willingness to stop everyday madness to see what is really possible.

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