How to Eliminate Remote Work Distractions?

Often product managers and business owners face the need to manage a remote team. Remote work is not a rare situation in large companies, where team members are scattered all over the world. Now, this is not a big problem.

Having a remote team comes with its own set of challenges for companies. Invision team proposes some useful steps we can take to set up for remote work success.

Here we post the most interesting from their list:

Use flexible schedule

Flexible scheduling is one of the advantages of working for some remote companies.

It is a freedom to arrange your schedule around when you’re most productive. But it is also about responsibility.

One more benefit of flexible scheduling is the opportunity to take a break when your brain needs it.

Cancel classical meetings

If your company is doing it right, there should be more communication and productivity on a remote team. Appoint video calls. Attend these monthly video sessions to get to know your collegues. Try sharing a document in Dropbox Paper or Google Docs.

By the way, some companies have instituted “no meeting” days. Their employees can put their heads down and get work done.

Set up a work environment

Avoid clutter. If your desk covered with stacks of loose paper and piles of neon sticky notes, then no wonder you can’t focus.

Begin your day with preparing your work area for work. The same goes for your virtual desktop.

Use a to-do list

Work with a to-do list or app to keep everything in order.

Eliminate multitasking. Many digital solutions can be helpful. You may easily use simple stick notes.

Use music to block out sounds and increase concentration

Block out all the noises that might draw you away from your tasks. When it comes to distractions, headphones are helpful.

Use a self-reward system

You can’t work productively for 6-8 straight hours and still, expect to crank out your best quality work. Brains need breaks.

One way to structure your time is to use one of special time management techniques. You can also follow the 3-minute rule. Every hour, give yourself 3 minutes to take care of what you care about. Whatever gives your brain a break.

You may find more tips reading the original article.

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