Essential Tips for Landing a First Product Manager Job

When you get a job for the first time, you will surely experience fear and trembling in your knees. Of course, you will find help studying many articles and books, listening to many experienced specialists and your intuition. The most interesting thing is that most likely, everything will be fine.

Among the many important tips for a young product manager on his/her first working day, Productschool defines five basic tips to follow. Here they are.

Be techy

Get the respect of a technical team. Yes, to know how to code means to be a successful product manager at a software company. Most of the product managers in the US have a technical background.

Start with the programming courses and read professional literature. You’ll definitely earn the respect of the development team.

Update your CV

Highlight your key projects. Recruiters need 15–30 seconds to review your CV and decide if there is a potential fit. It’s better to create a one-page resume. Use all space wisely to focus on side projects you have led.

Study a book about Interviewing

Cracking the PM Interview” by Gayle Laakmann McDowell is a great book that should be helpful. Before reaching out to the company read it and get tips on how to navigate the interview process and answer specific product management-related questions.

Leave a comfort zone

Primary it is about public speaking. It may seem difficult for most people, especially for developers who typically have less outward-facing interactions.

Try to express yourself during any meetup where you can practice presenting in front of a group. It will help you to leave your comfort zone and give you a low-stakes opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.

Product managers must be great communicators!

Build your PM job pipeline

Building a career pipeline and networking will be the most important steps to take to land a PM job.

Appoint a non-formal meeting, go to coffee with your colleagues, reach out to product peers at other companies, and focus on finding great mentors.

A personal introduction is a key to start the process and find a new role.

Landing a PM job can be very challenging and there is no an ideal formula. Trust yourself, understand why and what you are doing this for, manage your expectations and push yourself.

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