Key Points Product Managers Need to Know About UX

Software-based products are developing in the world where product management and user experience areas are combined closely. Nowadays any product manager needs to know a bit about UX to deliver a product that his/her customers will appreciate and love.

Let’s define the main points product managers should know about UX based on the Productfocus article.


Sometimes happens that product managers make decisions on their users’ behalf without having spoken to them. This solution is not the best one.

If you want to know your users’ attitude and feedback, ask them to know it. Test ideas or prototype with them.

Understand what UX is

User experience is not just about making products look good. It’s about making products work well and meeting all the requirements.

Don’t do it yourself

Product management and user experience are close but that doesn’t mean that the skills needed to perform each role are interchangeable. Use your colleagues’ competency and experience to make products better.

Make friendship with UXers

UXers may consider themselves as people who make trouble, slows things down and wants to change everything at the last minute. It should not be like this.

A friendly and open-minded UXer can help you to deliver the kinds of delightful products that your customers will love so much.

Usability testing

It’s just a myth that there’s no time for usability testing. Please find it! It’s better to have a backlog full of items that you know will help you continuously improve the product than a list of features that will delight your customers.

The experience of working with products from the UXer’s point of view will definitely make you a more customer-focused PM.  It’ll also help you to deliver products that your customers will love.

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