Some Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Choosing appropriate support channels and strategies leads to customer happiness. Understanding how to properly conduct online support is paramount to creating an amazing customer experience. How to be successful and improve your online service?

Here we share the insights from the Helpscout article, where 7 customer service tips for exceptional customer care are listed.

  1. Care about what your customers need

Permanently ask yourself about what your customers’ support needs. Try to meet your customers where they are. If they already use your website, make sure they can find any answers they may need right from the page they’re on.

Actually, email support is still the most popular in many instances, but considering the needs of your customers takes priority over anything else.

  1. Do not prevent your customers to self-service

It may sound strange but self-service can be an enormous benefit to your customers. The author of the article gives an example of WooCommercem where the team understands their users don’t want to get stuck in a support forum or have to email their support team for every little question.

Even larger companies in industries notorious for lackluster support have taken charge with self-service options. And it works.

  1. Don’t stop at knowledge base documentation

“Content as customer service” is one that many businesses can benefit from.

When you provide valuable content to new visitors and prospective customers, you begin the chain of “Know, Like, Trust”, turning random visitors into long-term customers.

  1. Respect your customers’ time

It’s rather trivial but always important – care about how long your customers wait for an initial reply.

How many times a customer has to go back and forth with your team before they get their questions answered? The longer you make customers wait to hear from you, the more time you give them to start exploring your competitors’ offerings.

  1. Do not encourage “robotic service”

Conveying empathy via your virtual tone is critical to online customer service.

Mirroring — matching their tone lets them know you’re on their side – it’s a crucial skill that goes a long way with customers. If a customer is formal, keep your tone strictly professional, and so on.

  1. Increase product knowledge

Your employees should know the ins and outs of how your product works. Having a solid product foundation not only allows you to help more customers faster, it helps you understand their experience so you can become their advocate.

Remember that customer support is a team activity.

  1. Empower all team members to help

If you want to turn your support from good to great, you need to empower all your team members to talk with customers and handle their questions.

Stimulate a customer-centric culture into your employee’s mindsets by having everyone do support. It will make sure that each employee knows how to properly talk with customers.

What do you think about such tips? Will they work?

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