How to Prepare an Effective Product Launch?

Any product team dreams of organizing the fabulous launch. And of course, all efforts you have put into creating your amazing product or service should be rewarded.

The author of blog proposes the detailed description of the essential stages that every product manager and the team should take to get a great product launch. Here the most interesting moments from the article:

6 months before the launch

If you have this time period, start talking about your product to your mentors, potential customers and other people from the “external” world.

First of all, you need to learn your clients to find out if what you want to develop or build is something your customers need. Clarify your product strategy, positioning, communication and future promotion plan. Use friendly visual planning system, for example, a smart product roadmap.

3 months before the launch

Now you have to optimize a launching plan and solve all controversial issues. Think about every step and marketing activity you need to take to make sure your launch is successful.

Write persuasive launch content and start thinking about the website, landing pages, demos, marketing and sales materials, strategic emails, screenshots, involving product influencers, pricing issues, and so on.

Discuss your product positioning with the team. Highlight the main points about how your product differs from competitors. Make sure your team members are ready to sell and promote.

2 months before the launch

It’s time for beta and this period is rather critical. Send the emails to potential affiliates and propose them your product to test and review. The influencers will help you evaluate your product before you release it publicly. Their reviews and feedback will give you valuable info about what works and what doesn’t.

Design a landing page about your product and add a “Stay in touch” form. Create banners to link to the landing page. Communicate on social networks. Interview your followers.

2 weeks before the launch

Now you can announce the launch. Post the welcome-article on your blog and add a link to your landing page. Start the email campaign and set up your form for your blog main page. Work with promoters if it needed, make sure they have everything to spread the news about the product. Activate your social media efforts. Create videos and add pictures, success stories, and cases, post teasers.

1 week before the launch

It’s time to check up on everything. Test all your links and ensure that everything works and looks perfect. Share relevant content on social media and through your emails.

After all, make your launch a great event!

Launching a product is not an easy process. You will definitely need some time and efforts to get success. However, it worth it!

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