Myths About Remote Workers’ Weak Productivity

Are remote workers less productive? This question is quite popular nowadays.

Seeking the answer, I’ve found the article posted on Teramind blog where this issue is clearly described. Here’re the extracts:

Many companies have their reservations about allowing employees to work remotely. The concern for quality, productive work or employee productivity but not paying for scrolling through social media all day.

However, there are companies that would be pleased to know that with the right policies in place, they can both monitor employee productivity and provide their employees with highly sought after work/life balance.

There was a survey in 2016 that concluded the following points:

  • Remote workers feel they’re more productive
  • Remote workers are happier and feel more valued

What about for the employer?

The advantages to employers

Allowing an employee to work from home decreases the money spent.

An employee who feels both in touch with their organization and motivated within their workforce will work diligently to prove their productivity.

Employee monitoring is a tool that can be utilized to monitor and ensure employee productivity. Via the use of employee monitoring software, employers are able to gauge productivity and employees are motivated to work harder to prove to their value.

The way of monitoring employee productivity

Using the employee monitoring software, employers are able to do many things.

Remote workers who are spending too much time on an unproductive site or task may be alerted via the monitoring software. The alerts can range from a full lockout to a reminder to get back to a productive state.

Another concern that employers may face is how to distinguish when an employee is working versus when an employee is idle. Employers may also choose to utilize user analytics to discern how long a given task takes when no time is idle.

Once an employer has been able to view all of the employee monitoring software results they are able to take any actions they see fit to further increase remote worker productivity.

Remote workers will only increase in force and productivity levels have the ability to flourish under employee monitoring software.

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