Lead Generation Secrets for SaaS Products

What is the ultimate goal of SaaS product marketing? Lead generation is the answer.

The success of your marketing campaign will be judged by a number of emails these activities deliver.

And the question you should always keep in mind is how your marketing efforts will affect the number of people hitting the ‘Sign up’.

Insightly.com blog has shared the best lead generation tips. Here they are:

The power of content

It’s not a secret for product managers that content may bring amazing results.

The first thing you should act is to determine your top competitors in the niche. Choose the keyword phrase with the best balance of monthly search queries. Then write a great article targeting the keyword. Add some links and enjoy the deluge of Sign Ups!

Resonating ads

You should explain how you are different from your competitors to your customers. Start with the engagement with promoted tweets. But also think about the ethical side of this approach.

Quora and referral traffic

Referral traffic is a great acquisition channel. Answering questions on Quora will convert. One more priceless hack is wiki answers.

Pricing models

When marketing thinks of leads, business thinks of sales. Not all leads are made equal, some of them turn into paying customers. There are also leads that churn after a free trial or remain freemium forever.

Freemium, free trial, premium or other models you employ to price your product will result in different levels of lead generation.

Conversion rate

If your website isn’t optimized for conversion – no tactics will work.

It is a good idea to encourage those who already signed up to share the love with friends. Offer something in exchange.

It’s not an easy thing to deal with marketing in SaaS products. Try to strike a balance of promotion, price, product, and placement to meet your business goals.

Use these lead generation and conversion optimization hacks and you’ll boost the number of Sign Ups for sure.

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