Essential Reasons That Make People Unmotivated

Any team lead cares about the healthy spirit inside his/her team.

How many times your team members said that they’re going to do something but they end up not following through with it because they were not motivated enough?

They are not alone, millions of other people are also unmotivated.

The author of looks into the reasons why this happens and share the ways of reversing this trend. Here’re the most interesting ideas from the post:

They see the bad side in anything happens

Often, unmotivated people have a pessimistic view on their chances of success. The secret to staying motivated is to honestly audit your skills that lie ahead. Sometimes a difficult goal is useful in spurring a person on to do better.

They forget about benefits and rewards

Most unmotivated people forget to think of the long-term rewards and benefits that are an essential part of motivation.

Try to visualize these rewards and celebrate even a small win.

They set unrealistic goals

Setting stretch goals is advocated as the path to success and increases motivation. However, often this is actually false. It’s better to break down projects into smaller challenges. This will give much more motivation, encouraging people to see a project through to the end.

They do not have mini habits

When they think about getting what they want, they want to do something big once and for all. They fail to do so, they feel defeated and unmotivated.

Start with one mini habit at a time and gradually progress. The idea is to leverage the power of personal habits in reaching lifestyle goals.

They do not use opportunities

They never sought out opportunities that would give them the chance of success.

Take the risk and seize every opportunity!

They do not want to work harder

The tendency is to consider the payoff before making all that effort.

However, even the most talented person works hard to get what they want. Work hard is better than talent, always.

They play the blame game

It is always somebody else’s fault when they did not get that promotion. Recognizing that it was your fault will help to analyze what went wrong.

Always take responsibility for what happened to you.

They don’t know how to use time

Unmotivated people are usually time-wasters. They cannot schedule efficiently and always procrastinate.

The best way to stay motivated, regarding time, is to repeat to yourself that you are the only one who can control your time.

They don’t believe in their talents

When people think of all the talents they lack, they block themselves off. Negative thoughts drag them downwards in a horrible spiral.

It’s always crucial to believe in yourself.

They rely on social media

Everybody is prone to be less motivated by the appearance of the success of others, showing off their status on social networks.

Take a break with your social media. It would be helpful.

What do you think about this list of reasons that make people unmotivated?

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