Roadmap Dedicated Book’s Review

Have you read a lot of great and useful about such a planner function as roadmap? It is worth reading good books related to this topic, indeed!

Today we would like to talk about one interesting book called ‘Product Roadmaps Relaunched’ that was written last year by a group of the most demand product management professionals: Todd Lombardo, Bruce McCarthy, Evan Ryan and Michael Connors. One of our blog colleague, BPMA Contributor, has read this book and made a brilliant review of it, and now we are ready to share this article extract with you, have a nice reading!

The concept of the book

The true point of this book is to learn the real possibilities of roadmapping. It is the function that can explain and visualize the way of how the tasks are being executed and why they are being executed that way. The product roadmaps are helpers not only for software development teams but also for many other industries where is a big importance of goals achievement and tasks distribution and managing.

Why is it important to learn more about roadmaps?

Of course, roadmaps are considered to be a sector-specific feature that is useful for a very focused working group. Nevertheless, roadmaps provide the following advantages:

  • the convient view of work strategy
  • simple way for team members communication and transparency in workflow
  • easy way for progress tracking

It can be successfully implemented in any work industries and can make the work better.


Generally speaking, roadmaps is a great way of work planning and monitoring, that is ready to show any current tasks and their priority. The book contains a lot of interesting examples of roadmap use and makes it clear how to do it and which technical tools can be perfect for these cases.


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