Hot Summer Updates from Product Management and Project Management Services

Summer is not a period to be sad or to postpone important stuff to a new business season. This hot time is rather suitable for interesting and important releases and updates.

What do popular services and tools for managing products propose this Summer?

Let’s dive into the hot updates from Aha!, Hygger, Teamwork and Wrike.

A New Presentation Editor to Showcase Product Roadmaps by Aha!

Who wants to spend nights editing and building out slides? It seems everyone dreams about the easiest way. That’s why Aha! team created Notebooks.

With its help, you can take any view in Aha! and quickly package it into your presentation. You have ultimate control over how your product data is updated. since everything is already in Aha!

It allows you to select whether you want to show a live view, refresh updates or use a snapshot in time.

  • Create an Aha! Notebook
  • Highlight important information
  • Upload external images
  • Add custom slides
  • Share via secure web page or PDF

New Board Templates, iCalendar and Integration with Harvest in Hygger

The platform for product managers has shared it’s new Summer updates:

Hygger Boards Templates

These templates will demonstrate you the examples of different processes which you can use to start working with the platform faster. You get the variety of templates for different departments.


Do you have any deadlines today tomorrow or next week? If you can’t see your deadlines, things can escape your attention, or you can get overloaded.

Now you can see tasks and projects on a calendar to help you manage your time.

Harvest Integration

Now the platform for product management allows the integration with Harvest that will help you track time for any task without leaving Hygger.

Chat channels and task list from milestone at Teamwork

Project specific chat channels

Teamwork makes team communication more productive. The new update makes it possible to automatically create project specific channels in Teamwork Chat.

All you need is to go to the settings section of your individual project and enable the “project channel” toggle. A channel with that project name will automatically be created in a chat with everyone who is already a member of this project.

So you can quickly set up a channel to discuss project topics with all stakeholders.

Task list from milestone

Have you ever created milestones and wanted to start attaching task lists immediately — but realized you needed to create an entire task list first?

Now it’s easy to create a task list directly from a milestone, allowing you to get stuck right into your planning and keep things moving.

Creating, Finding and Using the Right Files Faster with Wrike

The service has recently announced new features to help you create, find, and use the right files faster:

  • File Widgets in Dashboards
  • File Widget Grid View (available in Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on)
  • Proofing & Approvals in Wrike’s Extension for Adobe Creative Cloud (available with Wrike for Marketers and the Proofing & Approvals add-on)

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