What Are the Great Leadership Traits?

The success of your career, first of all, depends on your leadership. This quality is about what will enable you to get things done and make progress.

We’ve found 7 essential leadership treats on Dumblittleman.com that should be useful for anyone who wants to be successful and productive.

Prioritize developing others

Make sure the people working for you are doing their best. Put your team first and work out what they need.

Check your assumptions

Most companies tend to stick to what works. It’s quite good when everything’s going’s good. But if you’re heading toward a dead end, looking in the rearview mirror will not help.

Successful leaders always listen to what their customers and team members tell them.

Focusing on results

How do you know if you’re doing a good job?

Ask successful leaders who always focus on the results they’re getting. Take a leaf out of Stacey Barr’s book and look for objective measures. They’ll teach you how to focus on the most important outcomes so you can see what improvements are needed.

More attention to collaboration

The secret to every great service experience is that the people responsible for it know how to collaborate. The outstanding service isn’t the result of just a single person’s efforts.

Inspire and motivate

These two traits may become the keys to a leader’s success. It’s important to set a direction people will follow.

Effective leaders spend time engaging with people and mingling with their teams. They sell their vision and create enthusiasm and commitment.


Study the case about how eBay became successful.

Leaders who win big understand that you can’t predict the future. It’s better to keep testing and learning from what doesn’t work as much as from what does.

Be honest

Who are the leaders you admire the most? Think about them. One of the qualities you’ll see is that they have integrity. They do what they say they’ll do and hold themselves to a higher standard. If you want to be a leader, you’d better be ready to walk the talk.

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