What to read: Top Books for Product Manager’s Skills Improvement

Having a certaing higher education and working experience sometimes is not enough. The essence of every specialist’s work is to learn more constantly – find interesting and perceptive books for your product manager work!

We don’t stop keeping options open and try to find some new resourses for self-education. And recently we bumped into one interesting book selection for product managers collected by Andre Theus. We highlighted only three of books, the most efficient and relevant for our time, but you can learn about the other ones in the original article above.

Top of 3 books required for product manager’s guidance

1. “Ego Is The Enemy” by Ryan Holiday

This is a very informative book that contains many unusual facts and observations about the work of a product manager. The author emphasizes the necessity of a constant appropriate work. There you can find business cases with positive or not so much examples that show how product companies can work and what they really need to do to achieve success.

2. “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller

This book is an attractive guide for project managers where they can learn a lot of practical advice how to run the poduct development and launch processes well. The author’s point of view expresses the creation of a product as the creation of any novel for Hollywood, indeed! The whole book is filled with a creative spirit and very easy to understand – do not hesitate to read it!

3. “Customer Centricity” by Peter Fader

In the present book every professional can find useful and helpful advice for his work – the author emphasizes the importance of a behabior to a customer, the following of his needs and wishes. It is critical to feel your clients and to make up the best way for the development of their particular product.

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